Industrial & Machinery Lubricants

Mobil’s Synthetic Industrial Lubricants are scientifically engineered to stay on the job up to 6 times longer than most mineral oils.

From the lowest to the most complex manufacturing machinery and equipment of light to heavy industries catering to each of their respective demands and complexities.

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ApplicationProduct Series
Air Compressor Oils
Metal Cutting Oils
 Gas Engine Oils
 Heat Transfer Oils
 Hydraulic Oils
 Industrial Gear Oils
 Industrial Food Grade
 Marine Oils
 Stern Tube Bearings Lubricant
 Rust Preventive Oils
 Slideway Oils
 Spindle Oils
 Hydraulic & Way Lubricants
 Transformer Oils
 Bearing / Circulation / Turbine Oils 

 Oven Chain Lubricants
  • Mobil™ Pyrolube 830
 Rock Drill Oils
 Refrigeration Oils
 Metal Processing Oils
Cylinder Oil
Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids