Mobil™ Coolant Ready Mixed -36°C  

Mobil™ Coolant Ready Mixed -36°C  


Mobil™ Coolant Extra Ready Mixed -24 °C is an extra performance coolant designed to provide efficient protection down to -24 °C during winter condition. It is a ready to use product that has been premixed with 36% Mobil Antifreeze Extra and 64% water.

Key Features & Potential Benefits

Mobil™ Coolant Extra Ready Mixed -24 °Cwas developed to protect car, truck and bus engines of both ferrous and aluminum construction against corrosion and frost damage. It contains a blend of inhibitors designed to give a high degree of corrosion protection to engine components such as radiators, cylinder blocks/heads and water pumps over a 3 years period. Mobil™ Coolant Ready Mixed is free of nitrites, amines and phosphates.


Pour into vehicle cooling system as recommended by vehicle manufacturer. Mobil™ Coolant Extra Ready Mixed -24 °C should not be mixed with silicate free, OAT engine coolants. Most coolant blends are based on carefully balanced mixtures of various corrosion inhibitors. Mixing of coolants with different inhibitor packages can lead to loss of corrosion protection.

Pack Size: 1L