Passenger vehicle lubricants

passenger vehicle lubricants

Mobil's Multi-grade synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils that protect and preserve your engine. From the simplest 2-wheeler motorcycles to high performance cars under different driving conditions can benefit from using Mobil lubricants…constantly delivering best performance with extended drain intervals and ensuring longer engine life.

Commercial vehicle lubricants

commercial vehicle lubricants

Mobil's Delvac Series are high quality engine oils that cater to modern multi-purpose diesel engines. Most fleet vehicles (transport trucks, lorries, buses; trucks for construction sites and mines; airplanes) require lubricants that provide engine protection during long hauls and operating under extreme temperatures.

Industrial & Machinery lubricants

industrial vehicle lubricants

Mobil's Synthetic Industrial Lubricants are scientifically engineered to stay on the job up to 6 times longer than most mineral oils. From the lowest to the most complex manufacturing machinery and equipment of light to heavy industries catering to each of their respective demands and complexities.