Reliable and Dependable Customer Service

Our dedicated Customer Service team, strategically located warehouse, efficient inventory management and dependable delivery fleet ensures total customer satisfaction.


Technical Support and Professional Advice

Our qualified and well-trained engineers will be able to provide relevant technical support, to implement programs and best practices that can enhance operations and extract peak performance from your equipment.


Planned Engineering Service

We don’t just provide performance lubricants but also offer the unsurpassed industry expertise, tools and programs to extract the most value out of our lubricants and your machinery. Planned Engineering Service (PES) Program can be leveraged to enhance the reliability and productivity of your operation. An extensive range of specialist programs can be designed, to inspect your plant, analyses lubricants and applications and to make recommendation on how to improve the operation.


Inspection & Troubleshooting

Getting industrial plants and equipment to run at optimal efficiency is the key to profitability in today’s highly competitive business environment. We provide a consultative service of specialist approach to evaluate your machines/system through visual inspection. Comprehensive trouble shooting assessment will starts with on-site inspection to literature review and recommendation report.


Consultation on Lubricants handling, storage, and consolidation

By making a comprehensive survey of your plant, we will ensure the oil being used in every instance is the right specification for the job and the right lubrication maintenance procedures are being used. We recognizes the importance of addressing sustainability in today’s global marketplace, thus a holistic approach with a continuous commitment in handling lubricants is encouraged to address sustainability across our products, processes and people.


Project Implementation

Extensive planning often took place before a new product trial is executed, is essential to ensure all lubricant related issues is properly documented for your maximum benefits. We will help you to determine the objective and scope of projects, review Equipment Builder manuals of equipment or area to be studied, prepare report to documents the current condition as well our recommendation. Your benefits and savings will then be delivered with formal documentation, such as longer oil drain interval, maintenance saving and so on.




Mobil Serv Used Oil Analysis

Mobil Serv Oil Analysis is a tool to monitor the condition of your lubricants and equipment as well as an early indicator of abnormal conditions so that you can addressed before equipment failure or unplanned downtime. Mobil Serv Used Oil Analysis can be done periodically or on ad hoc basis. The analysis report will be sent to you together with our review, comments or recommendation for further actions.

Business seminar

Lube Clinics & Seminars

Lube Clinics and Seminars will be provided to share knowledge and best practices on lubrication, and (Mobil) lubricants.